Radix hired trade show magician William Rader to stop traffic and generate more leads at their exhibit at the Online News Association conference in Denver, Colordao. Radix’s goal was to get email signups for their .press domains. To accomplish this, they asked William to stop traffic and ask attendees to sign up for a free year of their .press domain and website builder.

Radix knew that people are inherently interested in magic. Once attendees see that you have a magician performing, they can’t help but to come over to watch the performance.

William worked with Radix to create a custom script that integrated their message about .press domains in his presentation. Attendees even thought that William was an employee who happened to be a magician.

While everyone was enjoying the show, they also learned about the benefits of having a .press domain name. William had them say and remember .press and asked them to sign up for a free .press domain at the end of his show. This is what makes having William at your booth so special.




Trade Show

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Marketing, Gathering Crowds

Radix trusted William to create traffic and deliver their message to attendees.

“William Rader has been incredible in terms of approaching people and engaging with them. We will definitely hire him again for our events. We really owe a lot of our traffic to you.”

Daphne Dsouza
Project Specialist, Radix

Increase Your Trade Show Traffic

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01. Contact William

Email William and share the details of your upcoming exhibit. Include the dates, times, location, and why you are exhibiting at the trade show. William will get back with you within 24 hours.

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02. Create a Script

William will create a custom script for your show based on your promotional material. He will work with you to make sure all of your most important talking points are covered.

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03. Get More Leads

During the show, William will work with your sales team to stop traffic, motivate people to say and remember your name, and generate quality leads.

Hire William for your next trade show