Get more quality leads at your next trade show

William Rader is a trade show magician who offers professional presentations that will draw crowds to your booth. Every exhibitor knows that having something unique and special attracts people to their booth and magic is the perfect choice.

People are interested in magic. Once they see that you have a magician, they can’t help but to come over to watch. An experienced magician integrates your message with the presentation. While the crowd is enjoying the show, they are also learning about your company. William carefully writes a script about your company based on your promotional material. This is what makes magic so special.


William Stops Traffic

William draws people to your booth by performing magic.

Tells the crowd about your product

William customizes his script so that your product shines. William also uses your company name as a magic word and has the crowd repeat it.

Generates Quality Leads

When the crowd is at its peak, William turns the right people in the audience over to your sales team.

Radix – Case Study

William recently worked with Radix in their trade show booth at the Online News Association conference in Denver, Colordao. Radix’s goal was to stop traffic and get email signups for their .press domains. To accomplish this, they asked William to perform magic and ask attendees to sign up for a free year of their .press domain and website builder.

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Two Styles of Presentations

Aisle Presentations

William performs up-close magic and mind reading stopping the traffic that walks by your booth. While performing, he mixes in your message so everyone in the crowd learns about your company. When the crowd is at it’s peak, William turns over qualified prospects into your booth to speak with your sales staff.

Theater Presentations

Looking for a way to draw people into your booth? William invites people into your booth with the promise of magic and mystery. While the audience is entertained, he informs them about your company and its products. Before you give your presentation, he gets them interested and excited about your company and its products!

William at least doubled traffic at our booth. His ability to pull people in and engage them allowed us to get three times more leads than last year.

Greg StarlingMTM Recognition

We had William at one of our largest trade shows. He attracted such a crowd at our booth and really entertained the people. I wholeheartedly recommend him for your next trade show.

John DiMareAgilent

William Rader has been incredible in terms of approaching people and engaging with them. We will definitely hire him again for our events. We really owe a lot of our traffic to you.

Daphne DsouzaRadix

We knew William would be able to infuse a lot of fun, energy, and great times into the week. If you want someone who will knock it out of the park, William’s your guy.

Justin FieldCraftsy

We were thrilled with William's performance. People were engaged, they laughed, they had a good time. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants your employees to feel appreciated.

Annette MainlandTRU Community Care

Hire William for Your Trade Show