The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma

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In November, William entertained the students at USAO. They invited him to entertain the students to kick of their Homecoming week. Before the show, he went to the cafeteria and performed a teaser for everyone eating. He got great reactions which made all the students want to come see the show!

At the start of the show, he played a which hand game. A lady thought of something special and wrote it down on a small piece of paper. She then hid it in one of her hands. William was able to tell her which hand held her thought three times in a row. He was also able to read her mind and tell her that she was thinking of a hat that had been passed down to her by a member of her family.

William also played twenty questions and a dangerous Russian Roulette game (don’t worry, he was safe). He asked the audience to think of interesting things that no one in the room could know. He revealed that a student once rode an elephant during a Christmas party, that a lady had just started her own nail business, and told a lady about her luck in the upcoming lottery.

It was an exciting show! Galen Culver from KFOR also filmed it and featured William on “Isn’t this a Great State or What?” Be sure to watch the above video!

“William Rader came to our campus to start off our Homecoming week of events. Energetic, enthusiastic, and well-prepared, he entertained a large audience on our campus and heard nothing but good things from our students about his performance. Rader is great and easy to work with and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for an entertainer.”

-Roland Nuñez – Student Affairs, USAO