Rader the Mind Reader

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Somewhere between magician and psychic, there’s William Rader.

The self-described mentalist combines deduction and psychology to influence thoughts and read minds.Rader has been mesmerizing audiences throughout the country for the past decade, entertaining at exclusive parties, universities and corporate events. His show, “An Enchanted Evening,” has traveled across the country and been featured on NBC and KSBI.

Tonight, the show comes to Norman. The dinner and a show combo starts at 7 at Catering Creations Event Center, 3750 W. Main St.

Rader said he’s looking forward to giving the audience an experience they’ll never forget.

“In our daily lives we’re influenced by those around us. The show is a demonstration of how people and companies are able to get us to do what they want us to do,” Rader said. “So, my show is a demonstration that takes what marketing companies do and takes it to another level.”

“I make things that are seemingly impossible happen. Also, I show people how to tap into the untapped powers of the mind.”

Rader’s said his ability isn’t supernatural but lies in the interconnectedness of people.

“It’s about connections that we have with one another and how in our daily lives we’re able to influence others to do things. It’s a show of how we’re connected to one another. When we go about our daily lives, we make connections with one another. Whether we realize it or not, we’re affecting the people around us,” he said.

Show highlights include Rader wagering $100 on the outcome of a game of rock, paper, scissors, revealing audience members’ thoughts, and sharing a few secrets to reading minds.

“There’s always a way to win (rock, paper, scissors) by influencing the game. I get to know the people a little bit so I can read them. The way I talk, my body language, and the pressure of them being on stage — a whole lot of psychological tricks I use to influence the game. That’s the essence of the show,” he said. “I say and do certain things to get a desired effect.

“I tell them how to be more influential in their lives, as well. It can be used to positively affect the people around us.”

The thought of someone reading your mind isn’t one everybody feels extremely comfortable with, but Rader said there’s no reason to be afraid. He’s not intent on uncovering deep dark secrets.

“This is a show I perform at wine bars, event centers, and theaters. Nobody will be embarrassed. We always look at the positive things. It’s fun,” Rader said. “The moment a lot of people hear mind reading, they get freaked out, but it’s all about being positive.”

And though it may seem like magic, Rader insists it’s something different.

“It’s not magic. It’s very hard to even categorize. Mentalism is the best way to describe it,” he said. “Magic is about fooling the eyes. Mentalism is about demonstrating the power of the mind. You could say they’re semi-related, but not really. Although, with both, seemingly impossible things happen.”

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By Mack Burke

Originally published in the Norman Transcript.