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I had the opportunity to perform for Craftsy in Downtown Denver. Craftsy has hundreds of online classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, cake decorating, art, photography, cooking and many more categories.  They were having a Spirit Week before the craziness of Black Friday. A cart was brought around office to office to share food and beer with employees. As they took a break from their work day, I entertained with walk around magic.

Here is what Justin Field thought of the show:

“Hi, I’m Justin Field and I work at Craftsy. We decided to bring William Rader in for our Spirit Week before Black Friday. It was Vegas themed and it was a blast. We brought William Rader in because we knew he’d be able to infuse a lot of fun and energy and great times into a week that is usually not the most fun for people working it. We had just a great time. If you want someone who will knock it out of the park, William’s your guy.”

– Justin Field

People Coordinator, Craftsy